Dioscorea sylvatica, elephant foot yam


Dioscorea sylvatica is a species of a vining caudiciform that is native to Africa.  Impressive reticulated tuberous rootstock or caudex.  It is found in forests and grasslands of East and Southern Africa.  The caudex, making it a Fat Plant, is impressive as it grows to a large size.  The vines can grow as much as 12 feet in a year.  Best kept in a pot protected from cold weather.  It is sold in a 4 inch pot.

Minimum avg. temperature: 50°F, do not let it freeze and protect in cool weather
Sun exposure: Full sun, partial shade in Summer and keep the caudex shaded
Origin: East and Southern Africa

Growth habits: Succulent to 12 feet tall
Watering needs: Water when soil is dry in warm weather.  Water monthly or not at all in cool weather..
Propagation: Seeds


This succulent is a perfect example of a “Fat Plant” with pretty vines.


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