Olla Irrigation by Cutting Edge Ceramics


These Ollas are created by local company Cutting Edge Ceramics and are used to irrigate plants. Dig out a  hole and bury the Olla so the neck sticks out.  Then the Olla is filled with water which gradually seeps into the soil to water the roots of the plant.  It is an efficient method, since no water is lost to evaporation or run-off and the roots never dry out or get stressed.  The Olla Balls are buried then the hose is attached to a bucket or a barrel.  Happy plant, better growth.


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Ollas water efficiently! Ollas are economical and save up to 80% of the water that regular watering uses. That’s because the water-seeping ceramic Olla keeps the water in the root zones of plants. The Olla lid stops evaporation. The Olla prevents under- or over-watering.  This is ancient garden technology, and it works for you, too.

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Olla Ball, Olla Bottle 10 ½ inch, Olla Bottle 12 ½ inch, Olla Bottle 15 inches, Olla Spike


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