Thrive and Grow Gardens Ollas


Locally made un-glazed porous clay pots​ you bury in the soil with the neck exposed. Once filled, the water seeps into the soil by capillary flow at a rate that provides nearby plants with a constant water source directly at the roots where they need it.  These Ollas are made to autofill by having a barrel or bucket nearby so the hose can keep the Olla full. Just dig your hole, place the Olla, and Water 36 inch circle!


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Ollas are economical and save up to 80% of the water that regular watering uses. That’s because the water-seeping ceramic Olla keeps the water in the root zones of plants. The Olla lid stops evaporation. The Olla prevents under- or over-watering. This is ancient garden technology, and it works for you, too.


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